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Sam and Jade


I’m Sam! I live in Surfside, California. I love the ocean! I surf with my best friend, Jade, and am a junior lifeguard. Me and Jade are awesome mystery solvers. We’re on our third case! My dad owns the Burger Dude on the beach, so I get free burgers and iced tea whenever I want. I may or may not be kind-of dating a ghost…


I’m Jade! I live in Surfside too. Sam and I surf a lot at Danger Point, our favorite surf spot. We have lots of adventures solving mysteries (I am the keeper of the Journal of Weird.) I also play cello and just did my first 5K! Sam says I get too giggly around boys. Maybe that’s true. Maybe it isn’t. 

sam full surfboard_edited.png

Sam's Family


My dad's name is Bob. He owns the Burger Dude, the restaurant and rental shack on the sand in Surfside. He taught Sam to surf. He also makes a mean breakfast burrito. 


This is my mom, Misty, She will never pass up the opportunity to feed you! Mom takes the best care of us, bakes desserts for the Burger Dude and has a soft heart for a stray, no matter what kind.


This is my nine-year old brother, Peet. He's mostly obnoxious, occasionally adorable, as most little brothers go. He is inseparable from his two other beach grommet friends. 

sam full surfboard_edited.png

Cute Boys


Cute pirate-ghost boy. Sam met him at Danger Point while solving their first mystery. They’re sort-of dating. It’s complicated…


Amazing surfer who came to Surfside for a surf competition and ended up moving to an old rancho in Surfside, thanks to Sam and Jade’s awesome mystery solving skills! Jade might have her eye on him. Maybe. 

sam full surfboard_edited.png

Ghost Friends


Mr. Wu is an other worldly protector and all around great guy. He is a friend and guardian to all. We are lucky to have him as a mentor of the weird.

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This is our friend Maria. She is a teen girl just like us who lost her father two hundred years ago. It is our mission to help her find her dad.

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