Are you a Longboard or a Shortboard?

Have you ever thought about what kind of surfboard you are? Are you more of a laid-back longboard or a spunky shortboard? Take this quiz and find out!

If you got longboard, you're as laid back as they come! You enjoy a nice relaxing luau where you can hula dance with your friends, kick back, and enjoy the beauty of the beach. You are most likely very in tune with your surroundings and appreciate every moment as it comes. Your favorite waves are calm just like you. These waves allow you to feel at one with the ocean. Keep on connecting, longboarder!

Fun facts about Longboards:

Longboards are normally 9 feet or over, with a wide deck and thicker rails than a shortboard. They float easier than their shortboard counterparts and have a ton more surface area.

If you got shortboard, you are a wild child! You enjoy learning new tricks and showing off for your friends. Your favorite activities are going to loud rock concerts, jumping in the mosh pit, and living for the moment. You have a need for speed and are not afraid to show it! Taking risks and trying new things are second nature to you and where you feel most at home. Rock on, shortboarder!

Fun facts about Shortboards:

Shortboards are about as tall as the surfer who rides them and have pointier noses than longboards. On a shortboard, you have to sit closer to the shore and paddle a lot harder to get the best waves for tricks and speed. Shortboards are more angled and less flat than longboards because they take off on steeper waves and need more of a rocker.

No matter what board you ride, have fun out there and stay safe! Remember to respect your local beaches and your fellow surfers and beachgoers.

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