Catch a Wave, Save your Page: Make Your Own Surfboard Bookmark

Hello out there! It's me, Sam! I just got back from surfing with my best friend, Jade. She told me she's been reading some super awesome mystery books lately, but can't seem to remember what page she left off on. Now that's a real mystery!

So I thought I'd help Jade out and make her a bookmark. But not just any bookmark! I'm gonna make her one that looks just like her surfboard so she can shred through her books in style!

You can make bookmarks with me too. We can have a bookmark making PARTY! Let's get started!

First! We'll need to grab some supplies.

To make a super awesome surfboard bookmark, you'll need:

- a piece of carboard. You can rip this off an old shoe box, cereal box, or any box laying around that you're not using. Make sure to ask first before cutting up a box. You never know who might be using it!

- Crayons or markers or any fun decorations like glitter glue or sequins you'd like to bedazzle your board with

- Scissors

- Pen or Pencil

- Pipe cleaner, ribbon, or piece of string to use for your board's leash

- Iced tea. I don't know about you, but hand crafting surfboard bookmarks makes me THIRSTY!!!

Grab your piece of cardboard! It should be big enough to draw all the surfboard bookmarks you want on it and don't forget to leave room for mistakes.

Speaking of mistakes, I wasn't a big fan of how my the shape of first board on the right turned out. Luckily, I had plenty of room to do a new drawing from scratch. You can also modify existing drawings or erase if you're using a pencil. I found pen ink showed up a little easier on my piece of cardboard, but use what works best for you.

Remember that rad quiz we did together last week? Are you more of a shortboard or a longboard? You can make whichever board you are or make both. The world is your oyster! Or really ocean, in this case.

After you've drawn your surfboard(s), it's time to cut them out! Grab your favorite pair of scissors and get to snipping!

When you're all done cutting out your surfboard, it should look something like this with all of the excess cardboard out of the way. Looks pretty plain, huh? Time to decorate!

Grab your crayons, markers, glitter glue, paint, whatever you have and create the surfboard of your DREAMS! I picked my blue, green, and white crayons for the colors of Jade's board to make it look just like hers. But you can express yourself however you'd like. You could even put flames and dinosaurs and dragons on it.

Hey...wait a minute! I didn't write that! PEET!!!! Stop typing on MY blog!!!

Ugh...brothers. But you get the idea. Add whatever makes you happy!

After you've made your board pretty, it's time to make a hole to put your leash through. If you have a fancy hole punch, you can use that to punch a hole. If not, you can use your pen or pencil to poke a hole through the cardboard. Twist it a few times to get a circle big enough for your leash of choice to fit through. Be very careful to not poke yourself with your pen/pencil. Parent supervision is recommended.

Now that you have your hole in your surfboard, push your leash through the hole so one end is long and the other end has just a bit hanging out.

For my leash, I used a pipe cleaner. So with the smaller end, I wrapped it around my surfboard to make it stay it on there. If you're using string or ribbon, you can tie it around your surfboard or glue or tape it on.

Now for the finishing touch! Don't forget to wrap the tip of the long end around your finger to create the part of the leash the goes around your ankle. Feel free to cut your leash to make it shorter or leave it as long as you'd like.

And there you have it! We made surfboard bookmarks!! YAY!!! I hope Jade loves her surprise! How did yours turn out? Send us your surfboard bookmarks by DMing us on Instagram @surfsidegirlsgraphicnovels or posting your surfboard and tagging us. We'll share your creation on our page and give you a shout out. Can't wait to see all of your beautiful surfboard bookmarks.

Thanks for crafting with me!

- Sam

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