Host Your Own Surfside Girls Premiere Party!

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Hi friends! Sam and Jade here! Did you know that we're getting our very own show on AppleTV+?! It's true!! And it premiers on Friday August 19th!

To celebrate, we're going to throw a big Surfside bash and you can to! In this party guide, you'll find all of the food recipes, decor, and activities you'll need to host the most surftacular party in town and watch The Surfside Girls in style.

You can download all of the printables here.

The most important part of a party is to invite your friends! Here's some super rad invitations to tell your friends about your party. Download this PDF through the link above.

It's also important to thank your friends for coming to your party. Here's thank you cards for you to save and send. Download the cards from the link above.

Another important part of throwing a party is decorating! To decorate for a surfside party, you can have beach towels for guests to sit on, inflatable beach balls to fill your watch party space, and sand castle buckets to put your chips and popcorn in. You can also make these bookmarks to use as cupcake toppers or fun table accents.

Now on to our favorite part! FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can't have a party without food, that's just a boring meeting. Both recipe cards are available to download and print here.

For your main entrée, you can experience Burger Dude from home with these super rad Surfside Sliders.

And for your appetizer, we have Orange You Glad I Said Guacamole inspired by the oranges and avocados from our book, The Mystery at the Old Rancho. Pair with your favorite tortilla chips!

And don't forget to wash all the yummy food down with a cup of your favorite refreshing iced tea!

In between watching episodes of The Surfside Girls, here's some super fun party activities you can do with your friends:

You can make and dress up paper dolls with your friends.

Blow up a beach ball and pass it around to your friends, the first person who lets the beach ball touch the ground is out. The person who keeps the beach ball up the longest without it touching the ground WINS!

A Surfside version of Red Light, Green Light! Everyone "paddles" (move your arms in a paddle motion) to the finish line. When the game host calls "WAVE!" everyone has to stop and "pop up" and give their best surfing stance. The first person to make it across the finish line wins!

And there you have it! Your guide to throwing the greatest Surfside Bash EVER!!!! We hope you have the best party ever and enjoy The Surfside Girls when it premiers on AppleTV+ on Friday August 19th.

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