Make Your Own Journal of Weird

Hi friends! Our show premiers on Apple TV Plus in ONE WEEK!!! To make sure you’re ready to solve mysteries with us, let’s make our own Journal of Weird!

A Journal of Weird is where we write down every clue we find so we can keep track of each mystery we’re solving. It helps us piece the puzzle together.

You can make your own too! No notebook? No problem! Just grab as many pieces of your favorite paper (blank or lined) you’d like in your notebook, a stapler, a pen/pencil and crayons/markers/colored pencils.

Once you have all of your supplies, take your paper and fold it Burger Dude hamburger style.

Next, we’re going to staple the papers together with two-three staples.

Once you have your Journal of Weird assembled, it’s time to decorate! Break out your crayons/color pencils/markers! Label your notebook “Journal of Weird” and decorate the front in a way that sparks joy and makes you excited to solve mysteries. We have a green cover because that’s one of our favorite colors.

You’re all set with your Journal of Weird! Great job! Now you’re ready to collect clues and solve mysteries with us on Saturday August 19th on AppleTVPlus. See you there!

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