What I did on my Summer Vacation

What I did on my Summer Vacation

By Sam Taylor

This summer was the busiest summer EVER!!! My best friend in the whole world, Jade, and I did so much! We surfed a ton, helped out at Burger Dude, solved mysteries, I did Junior Lifeguards, we babysat Peet, and we had a lot of sleepovers. Oh yeah! We got a TV show based on OURSELVES and then we got to go tell people all about it.

Our TV show is really cool. Our characters solve lots of mysteries and surf just like us! They gave Jade’s character a really cool sister! They also changed her dad’s job. Her character also goes to science camp. Jade and I thought that was really neat and would also like to try science camp. We love experiments! Jade and I were most stoked to see the way we were portrayed saving Surfside. They got that part down PERFECT! The TV people also accurately depicted how dreamy Robert is. Excellent all around!

My favorite part of getting a TV show based on my best friend and me was that we got to travel to different places to tell people all about it. We went to the COOLEST toy shop and bookstores EVER!!! The toy shop even had cardboard cutouts of US!! It was also really close to the beach so we could go surfing after. We even went all the way to San Diego! We were so excited. There wasn’t as much surfing or time to surf as we thought, but we saw some cool superheroes though and met lots of rad people. After San Diego, we went to Los Angeles. They had a super fancy outdoor mall with super awesome photo ops like surfboards so people could surf just like we do! It was one of the best things we’ve ever seen! We had so much fun meeting everyone this summer.

Also, this summer, we did a lot around Surfside. Jade and I helped my dad out at Burger Dude a lot. We can now assemble a hamburger in 7 seconds flat! We also surfed the craziest waves. We played guess the smell with Peet and now are acutely aware of the specific smell of beach worms that have been sitting in his slime-covered backpack for 3 days and 12 hours. When we weren’t hanging out on the beach, we went to the movie theater and met CUTE BOYS!!! It was a blast!

Other than running around like crazy chickens with Jade this summer, I also participated in our Junior Lifeguard program like I do every year. It’s my favorite summer activity. This summer as a Junior Lifeguard was super great. I sharpened my CPR skills and am now extra confident in my life-saving abilities. I also got my fastest time ever on our annual triathlon. I made lots of friends and we played a ton of beach volleyball, which was super fun! I also JUMPED off the pier straight into the ocean! It was most exhilarating. My favorite part was when we had a beach bonfire to celebrate the beginning and end of the season.

In conclusion, our summer was quite possibly the craziest summer EVER! I can’t wait until next year to do it all again. Until then, I am looking forward to an awesome school year with Jade and solving the mysteries of Surfside.

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