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Surfside Girls graphic novel series

It's the summer before eighth grade in the sleepy beach town of Surfside.  Jade has gone boy-crazy, and her best friend Sam isn't having it. Can't we just go surfing already?! But when Sam follows an otherworldly underwater sparkle into a mysterious cave and ends up seeing ghosts, she realizes that there are bigger fish to fry in Surfside. Follow Sam and Jade - the surfing sleuths - in their action- packed adventures as they hunt clues and solve mysteries.

"The cheery, doodle-like depictions... are perfectly in keeping with the breezy, warm-hearted tone. Sam and Jade's friendship, which is changing as they approach tweendom, adds a nice dose of realism."


Eisner nominated!

"This fun book contains lots of cool marine biology and oceanography tidbits for budding surfers... and future scientists! Surfing is an amazing way to enjoy the ocean, and the more you know, the better a guest you'll be to the wonderful creatures that live there."

-Dr. Chris Lowe, Professor of Marine Biology,

Director of SharkLab, CSULB

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